Our Services & Prices

Dear Patients,

Please carefully read information about our fees. As a private clinic we are unable to offer any free services. All services does not include fee for doctor consultation. All prices are for patients without valid KTP / KITAS / KITAP.

4th generation rapid Allere HIV test 200.000
Viral Load 1.100.000
CD4 test 350.000
ARV access test include: Lab Bali Medika РCD4, HbsAg , antiHCV Prodia Lab РChest X-Ray, Liver and Kidney functions, blood morphology 1.450.000  
Syphilis test 200.000
Chlamydia & Gonorrhea  PCR Test 1.000.000
HPV Genotype (screening for men only) 1.200.000
Hepatitis A (IgG & IgM) 350.000
Hepatitis B (HbsAg) 150.000
Hepatitis C (antiHCV) 150.000
Doctor Consultation 150.000
HPV Vaccination (3 time injection – Day 1, Day 60, Day 180 – total 6 months program) 2.550.000
Hepatitis A + B Vaccination with pre testing 2.400.000
Standard blood test – morphology 200.000

Unfortunately Bali Medika Clinic do not work with any foreign or domestic insurance company. We accept cash and cards payment in our clinic.

All prices updated as on April 20, 2020.