Our Services & Prices

Dear Patients,
Please carefully read information about our fees. As a private clinic we are unable to offer any free services. All services does not include fee for doctor consultation. All prices are for patients without valid KTP / KITAS / KITAP.

4th generation rapid Allere HIV test 200.000
Viral Load 850.000
CD4 test 350.000
ARV access test include:
Lab Bali Medika – CD4, HbsAg , antiHCV
Prodia Lab – Chest X-Ray, Liver and Kidney functions, blood morphology


Syphilis test 200.000
Chlamydia & Gonorrhea  PCR Test 900.000
HPV Genotype (screening for men only) 1.200.000
Hepatitis A (IgG & IgM) 350.000
Hepatitis B (HbsAg) 150.000
Hepatitis C (antiHCV) 150.000
Doctor Consultation 150.000
HPV Vaccination (3 time injection – Day 1, Day 60, Day 180 – total 6 months program) 2.550.000
Hepatitis A + B Vaccination with pre testing 2.400.000
Standard blood test – morphology 200.000

Unfortunately Bali Medika Clinic do not work with any foreign or domestic insurance company. We accept cash and cards payment in our clinic.